Swatch Saturday: Elevation Polish Angels are the Yeti of the Clouds 2 + Comparison!

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Good morning, readers! I have an exciting post for you this morning. If you are a fan of Elevation Polish, you probably know of the very LE polish known as Angels are the Yetis of the Clouds. I was one of a handful of giveaway winners to receive this polish over a year ago and it’s a “prized polish” in my collection because of it. I’ve previously done a comparison post and tried to help you layer your own polishes for a similar effect in the past because everyone was hoping to get their hands on one and that was the best I could do. They were frankened polishes to begin with–meaning that Lulu was mixing already-made polishes to get the end result and she was planning to make a few more along the way for those that had been waiting to get it. However, I have great news! Lulu decided to try her best at mixing her pigments and ingredients instead of frankening and it resulted in what I’ll show you today: Elevation Polish Angels are the Yeti of the Clouds 2. While close to the original, it’s not the exact same shade and I keep hearing that people are happier with the 2nd version. I’ll have a comparison at the end of this post with the original for you. The best part? This is a core polish and will be restocked each month on the 7th and the 22nd!

Elevation Polish Angels are the Yeti of the Clouds 2
Pinky purple jelly with shifting flake shimmer (red/gold), that dries down to a satin finish.
I’m showing three thin coats below with top coat.
The sheerness of the jelly base allows the shifting flakes to shine through with a lot of depth. I did thin coats but there is still slight visible nail line. You could paint thicker coats or add a fourth if you don’t like VNL. I noticed that it didn’t dry as matte as the original version, but I did still feel the need to add a shiny top coat for these pictures.Elevation Polish Angels are the Yeti of the Clouds 2. 2 Elevation Polish Angels are the Yeti of the Clouds 2. 1 Elevation Polish Angels are the Yeti of the Clouds 2. macro

And now a comparison to the original Angels are the Yetis of the Clouds! The original was deeper and more opaque, while the new version is more squishy and pink-toned. Lulu also said that the new version has more flakes than the original. Neither were hard to apply, but the newer one was easier. I am quite happy they aren’t exactly the same! Elevation Polish Angels are the Yeti of the Clouds 2 Comparison

What are your thoughts? Not that I’m surprised, but Lulu did a beautiful job making this polish and I know a lot of fans are happy to have it available! Do you have an original? What do you think of the new one?

As I said above, this will be restocked on the 7th and 22nd of each month over at

*The polish in this post was sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. Anitacska

    I actually really like the VNL as it’s a slightly different, more purple colour on the tips and it looks a bit like a thermal. Very pretty.

  2. firegirl

    How beautiful! I love jelly polishes and I don’t mind the VNL with them. My pet hate is nail growth, so I stay away from gel polish.

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