Welcome to my site! I am so grateful to have you following me and I look forward to showing you some of my favorite nail designs and polishes!

My name is Jacki. I am 28, married to my first love, and Mommy to a sweet 7 year old girl and silly 3 year old boy!
 About Jacki
 You can expect a variety of nail art from me inspired by many areas of my life: my kids favorite characters, our favorite tv shows (HUGE Doctor Who fan here!), fashion, animals, patterns, etc!
I also review for many nail polish brands including OPI, Nicole by OPI, Elevation Polish, Paint Box Polish, KBShimmer, Zoya, Milani, Barielle, and more. You can check Adventures In Acetone for upcoming colors before you buy– and for some fun ways to wear new collections together for nail art.
I’m part of a talented group of nail artists called The Digit-al Dozen! We have a nail art theme for one week out of every month and they really challenge me to think outside of my norm. Some of my favorite themes were Geek, Books, Brands, and Texture. I can’t wait to show you what the next theme will be.
I also strive to do step by step nail art tutorials for some of my designs to show you that nail art is easier than it looks at first glance. I think everyone can do some level of nail art if you give yourself a chance. I would love if you gave one of my tutorials a try!
butterfly wing tutorial page
I read each and every comment you leave and appreciate the feedback. If you have any requests for nail art or tutorials on a previous mani, feel free to ask!