The Digit-al Dozen DOES Floral, Day 1: Water Lily Nail Art!

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Good evening, readers! It’s another nail art week with The Digit-al Dozen and the theme is Floral! Ahhhhhh! If you know me, you realize I hardly ever do floral nail art. I’m not good at it, I can probably count on 2 hands how many floral manis I’ve ever done. However, I did make a vow to practice more often than I have been. Let’s see how the week goes.

My first floral design is water lilies! After seeing Sveta Sanders post THIS awesome tutorial for needle marble swirls a few days ago, I’ve been itching to try it. After I was semi-successful, my friends told me that my version looked like water so I was able to tie it in with Floral Week by adding some lilies!

The three colors I used for the swirling were all Elevation Polishes! Ceram Sea, Thracian Sea, and Pic du Gar. They all have a squishy, yet very opaque, formula so they worked really well for swirling. Once the swirls were dry, I added some simple lily pads and water lilies.
What do you think? Will you be trying the tutorial I linked above? Thanks so much for reading, come back tomorrow to see the next floral week mani!


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  1. Girly Bits

    OMG!! YES!! I love this!! I dabbled around with this technique last night, and after a few tries I got it to look pretty good!! I adore it with the flowers on top!

  2. Scottish Lass

    You kill me, you really do. Watching this mani morph into the final design was also amazing. It started out stunning and just kept getting better!

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