KBShimmer Neon Squish Stamping Marble Nail Art

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Good afternoon, readers! Today’s mani is a really neat effect and takes no nail art skill at all. Have you tried Squish Stamping before? You basically just dab different colors of polish onto a stamper head and then press it onto your nail, squishing the blobs of polish into a marble effect. I chose two bright KBShimmer cremes for this look to match my bathing suit for a beach day last week. They looked gorgeous together and I had forgotten how easy this look was to achieve. There is a lot of cleanup, so I suggest using a latex barrier like Liquid Palisade or Girly Bits Border Patrol.

KBShimmer Smush Marble Nail Art 2

  • I began by painting two coats of KBShimmer Bahama Drama on my nails and letting them dry completely before moving on.
  • Once dry, I used a stamper and dabbed a handful of dots in each KBShimmer Bahama Drama and KBShimmer How Low Can You Flamingo? onto the stamp head.
  • While the blobs were still wet, I pressed the stamper onto my nails, sometimes rolling onto the nail to squish the design onto the nails.
  • Once I was happy with the coverage, I repeated onto my other nails.
  • I used a cleanup brush and acetone to wipe away any polish from the skin.
  • I added a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top to seal in the design.

KBShimmer Smush Marble Nail Art 1-001

What do you think? This was much brighter in person and looked awesome at the beach, I wish neons didn’t freak out my camera so much. You can find both of these at the following shops below:




*The polishes in this post were previously reviewed with my honest opinion.

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