The Digit-al Dozen DOES Nail Heroes, Day 3: ÜberChic Beauty ÜberMat!

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Good evening, readers! I am really enjoying this Nail Heroes Week with The Digit-al Dozen, are you? Today’s nail hero for me is ÜberChic Beauty for their incredible ÜberMat! I know there are a ton of these nail station mats on the market now, but this was the first one I saw and I just had to have it. I am so glad I bought it and it has really changed the way I look at stamping and is also a really nice workstation while painting my nails.

The biggest use I get out of the ÜberMat is making stamping decals. I’ve shared tons of step-by-step pictures of my stamping decal manis because it really is as easy as coloring in a coloring book. Today’s mani is a stained glass (or maybe kaleidoscope?) image from the ÜberChic UC 6-02 stamping plate. I used 9 of the new OPI New Orleans Collection polishes to fill in all of the shapes of the image so this is a very colorful and fun mani.

UberChic UberMat

Above: the awesome ÜberMat with the stamped image on all 10 nail slots. (Yes! I did make this a full mani!)
Below: close up step by step of coloring in the shapes and the final picture shows what the decal looks like when you peel it from the mat and turn it over.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 6.35.59 PM

In addition to making decals on the mat, I also love that I can dab the polish I am using to fill in the decals right onto the mat!

UberChic UberMat decals

Here’s the finished product!

UberChic 6-02 Stained Glass Nail Art 1

  • I began by making the stamping decals on the mat as shown above. I painted each “nail” spot on the mat with a thin coat of Qtica Extending Top Coat and let dry.
  • Then, I used Mundo de Uñas Black stamping polish to stamp the UC 6-02 plate image onto each nail spot.
  • I then grabbed my OPI New Orleans Collection polishes (I Manicure For Beads, Show Us Your Tips!, Got Myself into a Jam-balaya, Rich Girls & Po-Boys, Spare Me a French Quarter?, Crawfishin’ for a Compliment, She’s a Bad Muffuletta!, Suzi Nails New Orleans, and I’m Sooo Swamped!.) and used my ÜberChic Liner Brush to color in the different shapes of the stamped image.
  • Once they were all filled in, I painted a coat of Rica Whiteout onto my nails and a barrier of Girly Bits Border Patrol around my nails for easier cleanup.
  • One decal at a time, I gently pried the decal from the mat with an orange stick, flipped it over, and applied to a tacky nail.
  • I used acetone and a cleanup brush to separate the decal on the nail from the excess that was stuck to the Border Patrol and then peeled off the Border Patrol with the excess decal.
  • I topped the mani with a coat of Girly Bits Polish Matte’rs.

UberChic 6-02 Stained Glass Nail Art 2


What do you think of this fun and colorful mani? I’m digging it, and am so glad I spent the extra time for a full mani. Do you have an ÜberMat? Check out what the other Digit-al Dozen ladies did for Day 3 below:

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  1. Silvia

    This is incredible! These kinds of stampings make me wish I did stamping too. But I’m definitely getting a mat!

  2. Deb

    Love your blog & all your stamping with the UberMat! I did a full mani this weekend with the same kind of idea, but it seemed when I went to the second hand, my decals would not come up off the mat without flaking. Is it best to do 1 hand at a time? Or do I just need to experiment with the brand of top coat I put down first? Any expert advice?

    1. Author

      Hey Deb! Thanks for the comment! I’ve had that happen to me before as well when my decals had to sit longer before I could peel them up from the mat. What helped me was adding a thin coat of top coat over the decal and letting that dry and then peeling up again. It added some strength and they weren’t breaking apart again. You may have better luck trying out different top coats as well!

      1. Deb

        Thanks! I’ll give it a go! I really need to pick up some new stamping plates…my husband said it’s time to shop! YAY! : )

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