Swatch Sunday: Sally Hansen Color Foils

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Good morning! Sally Hansen has released a new line of metallic shades that dry to a chrome mirror effect called Color Foils. There are ten in total, and I have three to share with you. They are designed to be worn without base and top coat and dry very quickly!

They dry so quickly, in fact, that I couldn’t even use them to stamp a full image. I was bummed about that part after hearing they were good for stamping. I tried a few times and never got a full intact image on my stamper even with quickly pressing onto the stamping plate. 
Stamping aside, these are great base colors– especially if you don’t have any imperfections on your nails like I do. Unfortunately, the secrets out and I don’t have perfect natural nails. GASP! Haha, all kidding aside, you can see my ridges and the couple of peel spots very easily when wearing chrome finish polishes. I am very envious of those of you whose nails look perfect in these colors.
My favorite part of these polishes are watching the brush strokes disappear in front of my eyes during the drying process. When you apply, you think its going to be frost city. But, thankfully, it doesn’t end up that way!
Let’s take a look!
Sally Hansen Titanium Flush
This is a pink metallic chrome polish.
I’m showing two coats below with no base or top coat.

Sally Hansen Liquid Gold
A gold chrome polish.
I’m showing two coats below with no base or top coat.

Sally Hansen Leaden Lilac
This is a bluish periwinkle metallic chrome polish.
Again, only two coats with no base or top coat.

What do you think of these new Color Foils by Sally Hansen? Are you one of those lucky people who don’t have natural nail imperfections and can totally rock a chrome finish polish? Or do you have any tips for thicker base coats that will work to diminish my imperfections? Thanks so much for reading!
WHAT THEY COST:$7.99 each

WHERE TO FIND THEM:The Sally Hansen® ColorFoil™ Nail Makeup collection is available beginning June 2014 at chain drug stores, food stores, and mass merchandisers nationwide.
*The polishes were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. Robin

    These look really cool! I love the effect a lot, only my nails aren't perfect either… I'm hoping a ridge filling base coat will do the trick! 🙂

  2. Kate

    I love these! Thanks for the review! Saw your instagram post and decided to check out your blog post on these. I agree with Robin. Use a filler base coat. I love the Essie one I got. Peace! 🙂

  3. Anne Smith

    P.S. Regarding the suggestion about a ridge filling BC. That does not work. The polishes will not go on a BC properly. I tried three different ones.

    1. Kate

      I guess I must have really small ridges if any because my Essie basecoat seems to work well for me. I actually didn't even notice ridges until I started following nail art blogs online…guess that just goes to show you how "nail savvy" I was prior. 😉

    1. Queen of The Lacquer Castle

      Yes, it does. My current mani is the Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome foil polish on every other nail with OPI Push and Shove on the other fingers. I used Lay Down That Base on all fingers. Application was wonderful for both brands. I stamped them with non-foil polishes. Came out beautifully! I'm going to buy the other colors I like from this collection now.

  4. Julie DoesHerNails

    I snagged Leaden Lilac the other week at the drugstore and I love it so much more than I thought I would! I added a topcoat to mine and didn't notice any difference in look or finish, so maybe they would work fine with a base coat to hide imperfections as well?

  5. Kelly Waters

    I had pretty good luck stamping with them, but only using my hard konad stamper. It wouldn't pick up all the way with any of my soft/squishy ones.

  6. MarciaF

    I am so disappointed with this polish. In spite of the gorgeous color the foil is a fail. Mine dried to a funny finish – almost a matte but with shiny spots. It was wearing off by the end of the day. At the end of 3 days my tips are a mess. That never happens to me. My polish normally lasts a week. I guess if you wear a polish for a day then buy them but don't expect long wear if you are anything like me.

  7. LaraLeaf

    I have been hearing reports that this polish does not lay down good over a base coat. I need to try something, though, because I have awful ridges on a couple of my nails – and I love these polishes! I was wondering if they would be okay over something like Lay Down That Base. lol, I was thinking of layering – however many coats of a ridge filler it takes, a layer of that LDTB, then the chrome. Anyone try this yet? Is there another polish out there that is like LDTB? What about Nfu Oh's Aqua Base – anyone try that yet? (a suggestion I saw in comments about these chromes)

    I think the chromes look awesome on your nails! If I had your nails, I would be out buying all 10! Thanks for this review of these polishes.

  8. CANVAS lacquer

    I remember buying a Sally Hansen Chrome (silver) polish back when I was in college (like, 10 years ago) – it was new and amazing back then but didn't really seem to take off – wonder why it took so long for them to get back into this game – but I'm glad they did!

  9. KarenD

    Ah, maybe that's why I had trouble stamping–they dry too fast. Of course it could be my not so great stamping skills.

    These seemed much more finicky about base coat than the old SH chromes. Nfu Oh Aqua Base worked best for me, but it had to be really, really dry or I'd get dragging. I wish I could go without, but my nails just aren't that smooth (and I'm scared to buff them smooth as they're thin as it is).


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