The Digit-al Dozen DOES Metal, Day 1: Cybermen Vs. The Daleks!

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It’s time for this month’s nail art theme with The Digit-al Dozen! All of the manis you will see this week are in some way connected to “metal” so I’m anxious to see how all of us come up with different ideas on the topic!

For my first design, I had to do another Doctor Who inspired mani! Cybermen and Daleks are both made of metal and waged a war against each other in the episode called Doomsday (otherwise known as the tear-jerking finale where The Doctor was burning up a sun just to say goodbye to Rose on a beach in an alternate universe and she said she loved him and he disappeared before he could say it back…sniff sniff..). Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show a bit of the war between the two species as nail art!

 My base is Zoya Ibiza and I used a metallic silver, metallic bronze, and metallic gold for the Cyberman and Dalek. I topped the look with a matte top coat so you could see the details better!

What do you think? Are you completely lost on who Doctor Who, Rose, Cybermen, and Daleks are? Have I not already convinced you with my previous Doctor Who inspired manis to start watching one of the best shows ever? Shame on you! They are on netflix, get to it! 
Thanks so much for reading! Come back tomorrow for the next “metal” mani with The Digit-al Dozen!

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  1. Rachel C.

    These are so great, despite the emotionally crippling episode they're based on! I love all of your Doctor Who manis, they give me so many ideas about what I should do on my nails for my friend's Doctor Who wedding!

  2. todd wright

    Your FB page was 'suggested' to me. I'm a geek by training and vocation. Some have said that I have the "mind of an engineer" as well. This appeals to all my geekiness. My SO is so going to love your blog.

    Heck, I love it, and I'm as testosterone drenched a man as ever there was. Okay, so that bit is over-the-top hyperbole, but all kidding aside, I do appreciate art in all its myriad forms.

    You have turned the manicure into an art form. I'll bet you really have fun with, well, everything.

    Really unique stuff, artful, and really fun!

  3. Emma Hoop

    Oh my gosh that episode was so heartbreaking!!! These nails are gorgeous! Hard to believe how much detail you managed with this manicure!

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