New Milani High Speed Fast Dry Colors!

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Good morning, readers! I have 6 new Milani High Speed Fast Dry colors to show you today! If you missed them, here is my post to the previous 8 High Speed Fast Dry colors:

We will start with Quick Teal! It is a creme finish and in person, it has more green to it than my camera is showing. 2 easy coats but if you are careful you could get away with one coat. I love it! I haven’t tried, but I would bet a lot of these would be great for stamping like the previous set of High Speed Fast Dry Cremes. 
Next, we have Rapid Orchid. It is a very deep plum creme but it reads black while on the nail. It’s a bit softer than black, though, so it may be a more wearable dark nail look. 2 easy coats shown below. 

Moving on, we have Instant Pearl. It is one of the two shimmers in this set. This was a bit harder to apply because of the frostiness and the visible brush strokes. It definitely reminds me of pearls, though. 2 careful coats shown below.

Another creme is this bubble gum pink: Pink Express. I had to do three coats for complete coverage. Such a fun spring pink! The application was a bit streaky on the first coat but evened out by this third coat.

The other “pink” in this set is a shimmer called Move On Mauve. It’s a mauve with a lot of shimmer, bordering on frosty. You can barely make out the brush strokes in my photos. A very pretty and feminine shade.I’m showing 2 easy coats below.

Lastly, we have Flaming Race. In person, it is a tad less red and more coral than my photo shows. Very easy application, showing 2 coats below. Another that I bet would be great for stamping! These are so shiny, none have top coat! 

Well, there you have them! What do you think of these 6 additions to the Milani High Speed Fast Dry line? I think there are some real winners, Quick Teal and Flaming Race coming in top for me. What are your favorites?
You can find these on the Milani website HERE for $4.99 a bottle. I’ve also seen them at drugstores(CVS, Walgreens), Targets, and some Walmarts across the US. 
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