Baby Shower Watermarble Nails!

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Good morning, readers!! I was out of town this weekend for our baby shower back home in Florida and had an amazing time!! I wanted to share my nails from the shower because they were a huge hit and I loved them so much!

I saw them on Kayla’s blog a bit ago and loved them so much I had to try and recreate them! Here is her original post. I didn’t have the same colors but picked close ones and loved the outcome! My picture is a little dulled compared to them in person, though.

I used:
Orly Nail Defense
1 coat of Milani White on The Spot
Color Club Puccilicious
China Glaze Custom Kicks
OPI No Room For The blues for the watermarble
Dotting tool and Milani White on The Spot for the dot accents.
Top coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast
I only did 2-4 lines through the watermarble before dipping my nails and I actually loved how simple the design looked compared to my flower design or more complicated ones. The colors get to show thick enough and they didn’t get muddy either. Love love love!!
And here is a pic from the baby shower. I’m still waiting on other photos from friends but this is my favorite one so far. It’s me with my 3 awesome hostesses that threw the shower for me!
My oldest friend Jessica, my baby sister Chloe, me, and my Mommy!  Thanks ladies, love you!!!
What do you think of the nails? Thanks for reading!

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  1. Bruno

    You did a perfect job! I love the colours you chose, and you definitely score an A+ for the marbling! <3

  2. Sabine T

    That marble look so cute, I love the colors you have chosen! Next time I do a water marble I will add some dots as well, like the idea!

  3. phoenixor

    That looks great! Doing water marbles takes a set of skills that I just don't have, lol. That is a nice picture from the baby shower. You glow, and your mom looks great.

  4. Elizabeth

    I love the colours you picked! Beautiful, soft swirls, and the dots really do add a lot. No surprise this mani was such a hit! 😀

  5. laura z.

    Gorgeous! Love the color choices, wish I could do water marble like that. The dots just are the perfect addition!

    1. Jacki

      Thank you!! I didn't, but it kind of looks like one! It's basically my hair grown out from a years worth of colors LOL!

  6. Giogiozinha Bruxa

    I love it!!! I haven't tried the watermarble yet… it's very difficult and requires a lot of time and patience, but I've been trying other things and have to admit that the 'normal' one color nail is boring after that… heheheheh
    I would like to ask you some advises, if you don't mind… I'm going to the US for the first time in September, I'll be in NY for a week and would like to ask you if you know stores where I can buy the polishes and tools you use?
    And if it's not asking too much, do you know the average price for brands like OPI, China Glaze, Zoya, Orly, Shimmer, etc… and also striping tapes and the brush set you showed from MASH (that's amazing)? Am I able to find those things on a local store or only via internet?
    I want to set a budget for nail stuff before I go, so that I'm not surprise with the amount to spend nor disappointed in case of not being able to get what I want. I suppose you understand it very well!
    Here in Belgium I found a few colors from OPI and Essie (both very expensive btw), but people have never heard of all these others. I've checked the US Sephora website (and the french one as well) but they don't have them all, and some are also pretty expensive. I would really appreciate your help!
    In the mean time, I share your blog with all my polish-addicted friends and they've loved it as well!
    Thank you very much for the attention and for sharing your love! <3

  7. April

    Cute nails! Good luck with baby #2. I hope everything goes well and he comes here safely. =)

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