There’s A Zoo On My Nails!

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Good morning, readers! I had too much fun and had such great feedback from my Giraffe Nails post that I decided to add to the animal idea and do different zoo animals on each finger! My daughter, Hailey, LOVED them!! They are kind of like “animal skittles”(thanks, Heidi, for the term lol) and I like how they turned out. My husband told me I should do my right hand nails with the food for the zoo animals to coordinate with my left hand. So you will see my right hand as well in this post!

My left hand zoo animal nails:

Thumb: Elephant, Index: Monkey, Middle: Giraffe, Ring: Panda, Pinky: Lion

 My right hand animal food nails:

Thumb: Peanuts, Index: Bananas, Middle: Tree branch, Ring: Bamboo, Pinky: Steak(don’t make fun of my “heart” looking steak hahaha)

 On to the paired up nails:

Peanuts for the Elephant

Bananas for the Monkey

Tree branch for the Giraffe

Bamboo for the Panda

Steak for the Lion(figured it was less gruesome than a cute little Gazelle)
What do you think? I’m going to list all of the polishes used for each nail below so feel free to skip it if you aren’t curious of a color. Thanks for reading!!

OPI No Room For The Blues (base color)
Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid (head)
Essie French Affair (Inner ear)
Sinful Colors Black on Black(detail lines)
OPI Alpine Snow(eye and tusk)
OPI Absolutely Alice(water drops)

Color Club Earthy Angel (peanuts)
OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys (details)

China Glaze Starboard (base color)
OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys (head)
Color Club Earthy Angel (Nose)
OPI Alpine Snow (eyes)
Sinful Colors Black on Black (details)

Orly Lemonade (bananas)
Sinful Colors Black on Black (details)
OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys (details)

OPI That’s Hot! Pink (base color)
Orly Lemonade (head)
OPI In My Back Pocket (nose, horns, and spots)

OPI Alpine Snow (eyes)
Sinful Colors Black on Black (details)

Tree Branch:
OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys (branch)
China Glaze Starboard (leaves)

Color Club Puccilicious (base colors)
OPI Alpine Snow (head and eyes)
Sinful Colors Black on Black (ears, nose, eyes)

Color Club Earthy Angel (bamboo sticks)
China Glaze Starboard (leaves)
Sinful Colors Black on Black (details)

OPI In My Back Pocket (base color)
OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys (mane and nose)
Orly Lemonade (head and ears)

OPI Alpine Snow (eyes)
Sinful Colors Black on Black (details)

OPI Alpine Snow(fatty part of steak)
Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar(red meat)

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  1. The Crumpet

    JAckie – i cannot tell you how much a AAARRGGGHHH you right now 🙂 these are monumnetally awesome you obscenely talented woman !!! LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! xxxxxx

  2. Lydz

    ooooooohhh myyyy goodness!!! this is sooooo adorable!!! i love it!! outstanding job!! you are very talented and creative!

  3. kristine

    Super duper duper duper adorable! I love how you thought of matching them up with their favorite…uhm…allowable (?) food!

  4. Jessie - Nailed it NZ

    YOU'RE the one who did these nails! I've seen them circling around we heart it since forever ago, and never ending up tracking them back to the nail artist. These are amazing. When I was semi-new to the nail world I copied them – hope you don't mind! Yours are so much better lol, I didn't have most of the colours at the time and mixed all the colours, and had no dotting tools… but here's what I ended up with:
    I'm kind of embarrassed… that's such an old post and they're so very average, but I like seeing people try my manis so I thought you might too 🙂

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