Mermaid Scales Nail Art with Dior Saint Tropez and Dior Perlé!

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Good morning, readers! I am going to share my latest nail art with you that I’ve worn all weekend and still have on today! As soon as I got Dior Perlé in the mail, I wanted to try it over some other Dior colors in my collection. I tried it on a nail wheel over my favorite, Dior Saint Tropez, and my jaw dropped! It reminded me so much of one of my favorite polishes: RBL Aqua Lily, but on overdrive! The shimmer is much more noticeable and there is blue in with the pink sparkly shimmer so it’s more complex as well. I fell instantly in love and it became a full mani with some free handed mermaid scales!

  • I did 2 coats of Dior Saint Tropez.
  • Then, I topped it with one coat of Dior Perlé
  • Once it was dry, I used a striper brush and Milani Silver Stilettos to make the mermaid scale pattern. It’s far from perfect or symmetrical, but the stamp I had with this design was too big and there weren’t many scales on my nail so this allowed me to make the scales the size I wanted. 
  • I added Seche Vite for a shiny finish to show all of the sparkly shimmer in Dior Perlé.

Look at all of the gorgeous shimmer in this macro shot!

And here is a picture of this mani in the sun with all of it’s sparkly goodness showing! 
I am SO in love with this mani. It will be hard to take it off this week (but the new Brazil by OPI should arrive mid week so I’ll have to take this off to share those beauties with you!) so I may do a tutorial tomorrow so you can recreate mermaid scales, too! What do you think? Would you want to see a tutorial?
Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Karen

    Omg that layering combination!! It's something else I tell ya! The free handed scales are just the right size, I'd love to see a tutorial 🙂

  2. LaraLeaf

    I am in love with that Dior Perlé. It seems anything polish of a pale pink tone is irresistible to me, and then to make it into a shimmery sheer! Must Be Mine!

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