Hailey’s Fun Friday: Lalaloopsy Colorblock Nails!

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Good morning, readers! It’s Friday, woohoo! Who is ready for the weekend? I definitely am!

It’s time for another Hailey’s Fun Friday post! As I was painting my nails last week and editing pics for the blog, Hailey decided to grab three of her Lalaloopsy nail polishes from her stash and sit next to me. She painted on her nails with all three colors and it reminded me of colorblock nails! I am super proud of her creativity. She even left some accent nails a solid color! You can tell she’s been paying attention to Mommy’s nails!

I helped clean up the tips but she did the painting on her own. 🙂Hailey's colorblock nails selfie Hailey's colorblock nails 6 Hailey's colorblock nails 5 Hailey's Colorblock nails 4 Hailey's Colorblock nails 3 Hailey's colorblock nails 2

What do you think? Thanks for reading, please leave some comments on what you think of Hailey’s nails! She always asks me to read the comments to her about her nail posts and she gets SO happy! 🙂


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  1. Michelle Rouhier

    I love how little Hailey is taking after her momma! She looks like a nail blogger in the making! Great art skills and creativity at such a young age! Great job, Hailey!

  2. Paint Those Piggies!

    Awww, such a sweet post. Hailey did such a good job with her nails and I really like the colors she picked as well. Great job with the hand poses Hailey 🙂

  3. Sarah

    She did a great job! My kiddo is 6 1/2 and I love watching her paint her nails – so cute. She gets all serious and careful.

  4. piecemealquilts.com

    Hailey, you did a great job on your nails! The colors you chose are so pretty together, and you were smart to leave the accent nails. Also, you modeled your polish very well!

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