Little Miss Glittery Fancy Pants

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Hello, readers! I have a fun glitter gradient look to show you today. Sometimes my favorite nail art is as simple as a glitter gradient. Finding out new combinations within my stash is fun and easy!

I haven’t had a chance to try out China Glaze Fancy Pants since I bought it a few weeks ago. Once I put it on, I realized that it had a gorgeous pink shimmer and I went to my stash to find a similar color in a glitter. I found Nubar Petunia Sparkle and it was spot on for the color in Fancy Pants! I used a makeup sponge and did a reverse glitter gradient starting at the cuticle line about 1/3 up to the tips. Then, I did the same with the middle 1/3 of my nail using the prettiest multicolored glitter in my stash: Cirque XXX. This was so sparkly and I really loved it on my nails, I wore it for 3 days!

Look at the pretty holo glitters in XXX! And you can really see the pink shimmer in Fancy Pants as well.
I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
2 coats of China Glaze Fancy Pants
Nubar Petunia Sparkle
Cirque XXX
Poshe top coat
What do you think? Thanks for reading!

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