Orly Fowl Play Is My New Favorite Fall Color!

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Good morning everyone!! I have nail mail to show you, as well as a new favorite fall color: Orly’s Fowl Play.

 It’s an exciting day when you go out to run errands and come home to nail mail!! I wasn’t able to find the new Orly Birds of a Feather collection at my Ulta and Sally’s, so Rhonni over at Nailtique was kind enough to get them for me at her local Ulta! I was so excited! My stores seem to be a little behind on new collections and I would have had to wait a lot longer to get my hands on these! Also, I wanted to try out the Funky Fingers brand and since Rhonni has a 5 Below store(where FF are carried) she also was able to snag a few for me.They are the cutest bottles!! I think I’ll definitely want some more in the future! Here is a picture of my nail mail(a little dark, I apologize):

L-R: Orly Fowl Play,  Sweet Peacock, FF Favorite Girl, Sand & Stilettos, and Baby-Baby-Baby.

I knew right away which polish I wanted to try, even though they are all stunning. Orly Fowl Play! A gorgeous color for fall and like nothing else in my stash. (I have to add, this is a close dupe to the highly coveted OPI Merry Midnight, but I wasn’t into polish when that came out so I didn’t know what I was missing.)

A deep purple shimmery jelly with itty bitty blue glitter and copper colored flakies! I love them all together. These pictures are of 3 coats over Nail Envy, and topped with Poshe.

 In the sun

 Out of the sun.

 How amazing does that bottle look in this picture?!!! I love how the flakies are green when out of the sun, even if I don’t seem to see that on my nails.

And of course I had to try a matte top coat before I took this amazing color off!!

I don’t like the matte better than the shine, but the flakies look pretty neat! 🙂

What are your thoughts? Do you have any of this new collection, or plan to get them? Thanks for reading!

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  1. Mooni

    I always wore Merry Midnight on my birthday, I loved it so much that I didn't want to use it all up !!! But now that Orly made this, 😀 new signature color LOL

  2. Amanda

    Pretty! I also got those three FF colors! They're gorgeous. I've worn Baby Baby Baby already and let me tell you… that was a PAIN to get off, even WITH the foil method!

  3. imfeelingnail-venturous

    Such an awesome post. I bought Fowl Play online, but still haven't received it. They sent every polish I ordered but this one. I guess it is temporarily out of stock. Boo for that!

  4. Swatch And Learn

    This looks so gorgeous on you! 😀

    I have OPI Merry Midnight, but haven't even opened it since buying it when it first came out. I'm gonna have to get on that. Thanks for reminding me.

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