Day 5: Blue Nails

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Good morning, readers!! Today’s post from the 31 Day Challenge is Blue Nails. Well, you know that I’d rather do some kind of nail art than just a blue polish swatch, so these are what I came up with. It was my hubby’s idea and I loved it! We have 2 saltwater fish tanks, his biggest hobby, so of course that is what he would think of for “blue day.” Here are my under the sea nails 🙂

I wish I’d been able to do better detail on the fish, but I’m still happy with it overall. It was fun to try 🙂
The base color is Orly Sweet Peacock and I thought it was the perfect shimmery blue to represent the ocean. There are too many other colors in this design so I won’t be listing them all. Feel free to ask what a specific color is on part of the design and I’ll definitely let you know! Thanks for reading!

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    Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I featured this nail art design on my Top Summer Ideas & Inspiration list on my blog “The Sparkle Queen” with my followers! I hope you check it out! I am constantly updating this list as well (and starting lists for future posts!), so if you create any designs you would like featured on this post, or more in the future, make sure to send me the links! Have a fantastic day! <3 The Sparkle Queen @

    PS: I also have an image ESPECIALLY for people who have been featured to share! Grab it from my “Featuring and Sharing” Page.

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