Day 1 of the Sparkle-thon! Nubar Night Sparkle

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Good morning readers! Hope you are having a wonderful day so far! So, I was planning on swatching all 8 Nubar Sparkles this weekend for you to see in one big post, but then changed my mind. I thought it may be more fun to have a Sparkle-thon and show one each for the  next 8 days! I really prefer to actually wear the nail polish for a day before I take it off, so this works best.

For Day 1, I’m going to share my swatches for Nubar Night Sparkle. I really loved this dark blue sparkle and chose it first because it matched my dark blue shirt I had on. 🙂 It had a very pigmented dark blue base and these pictures show 2 coats. It dries really rough, so I got to try out my Gelous for the first time. I used one coat of Gelous and then a coat of Poshe to dry it but it was still a little textured to me so I did another coat of each on top of it. You may have a hard time with these if you are just using top coat alone.

 Here are the direct sun pictures

And this one is in the shade. 

Overall, I am really happy with this first Sparkle and hope I love the rest just as much! What do you think? Thanks for reading!

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  1. loodie loodie loodie

    What a beautiful polish. You have inspired me to wear a blue glitter today! yay!

    I also like to wear my polish vs. just swatching so I am definitely with you on that 😉 BUT after you wear them all you can make a gigantic post to summarize all 8. 😀

  2. Jacki

    Thanks everyone!!! I think this will be a fun week!

    @loodieloodieloodie, glad I could inspire you! And thanks for the great idea! I think I will do a big post at the end with all of them to wrap it all up!

    @Beanie, I should have left one finger without the top coat for the pictures. lol

  3. LeonaCarolina

    Oh my god, I love you for this! I have been wanting the entire Nubar Sparkles collection for so, so, so long now. Every polish in it looks amazing. These posts are going to be a total drool fest lol!

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