Tutorial Tuesday, The Digit-al Dozen DOES Winter Wonderland, Day 2: Rudolf Nail Art!

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Good morning, readers! It has been 2 months since my last Tutorial Tuesday post and I am so happy to have one today! In case you want to see all of the other tutorials I’ve done, take a look at the Tutorials Tab at the top of this blog! This will make my 35th tutorial so there are tons of different ones to choose from!

It’s Winter Wonderland Week with The Digit-al Dozen and I’ve done a Reindeer/Rudolf mani! I had a lot of tutorial requests lately for my actual Rudolf mani that featured Bumble from the Rudolf movie. I may or may not get to do one for that, but this was more cutesy and “my style” so I figured I would share this one first.

First, let’s take a look at the full mani! I wore this on all 10 fingers this past weekend and it just made me happy! (You may have seen a sneak peek on instagram!) You can definitely just do one reindeer on an accent nail if the idea of 10 is too much. I just felt like wearing extra cutesy nails that day.

Now for the tutorial! Here is a preview so you can see the steps side-by-side! Continue reading for detailed instructions on each step!

What I used for this tutorial (you can use any similar colors/tools that you have at your house):  

Polishes used: Chanel Dragon, OPI Going My Way Or Norway?, OPI How Great Is Your Dane?, and OPI Angel With A Leadfoot. 

Tools: three smallest sizes of dotting tools and a thin nail art brush (I’m using Pure Color #10).

Step 1) Paint 2 coats of Chanel Dragon on your entire nail and let dry.
Step 2) Using just the bottle brush, paint the shape for the Rudolf head with OPI Going My Way Or Norway? I went over this shape twice for more coverage.
Step 3) Use your large dotting tool dipped in a puddle of OPI Going My Way Or Norway? to dot an ear on each side of the head. Don’t do it on the “top” of the head because we have to leave room for the antlers.
Step 4) Use your thin nail art brush dipped into OPI How Great Is Your Dane? to do two diagonal lines coming out of the top of the head.
Step 5) Make two smaller lines on each side of the lines for antlers. You can certainly add a lot more lines if you have longer nails (and therefor more room for antlers).
Step 6) Use your small nail art brush dipped in OPI How Great Is Your Dane? to make small curved lines on the ears.
Step 7) Use your nail art brush and  OPI How Great Is Your Dane? to make a curved line to show where the snout sticks out from the head. Make sure you do it slightly lower than the curves sides of the head.
Step 8) Paint a big smile at the bottom of the face using OPI How Great Is Your Dane? and your thin nail art brush. This step takes some patience and you can certainly make a tiny smile or omit it (but I think a smile adds to the cuteness of the reindeer).
Step 9) Add smile wrinkles on each side of the smile with your nail art brush and OPI How Great Is Your Dane?
Step 10) Use your nails art brush and Chanel Dragon to make an oval nose! You may be able to do this with a dotting tool dragging it from side to side or even having just a circle nose if this seems difficult. (Also, you can do a mani of reindeer with brown noses and one with a red nose!)
Step 11) Use your medium dotting tool dipped in a puddle of OPI Angel With A Leadfoot to make 2 eyes on top of the snout line.
Step 12) Use your smallest dotting tool dipped in a puddle of OPI How Great Is Your Dane? to make the pupils in the center of the white dots.
Don’t forget to add a thick, quick drying top coat to seal and protect your design! I love using KBShimmer Clearly On Top, HKGirl, Seche Vite, or Poshe for this step. Get a big dollop of top coat on the brush and carefully spread onto the nail without touching the bristles to your design. This can cause dragging through the image with even the driest designs, and thinner top coats tend to ruin all of your hard work. (If you want this to be mattified, use a matte top coat AFTER you’ve sealed with a quick dry top coat. Matte top coats ALWAYS ruin my designs if I haven’t protected them first with this easy step.) And YOU’RE DONE!! ENJOY!
What do you think? I sure hope you will try it on your nails this holiday season! If you try it, or any of my other tutorials, please share your photo on my Facebook Page, and tag me (@adventuresinacetone with #inspiredbyadventuresinacetone) on Instagram! Thanks so much for reading! Come back tomorrow to see Day 3 of Winter Wonderland Week with The Digit-al Dozen!

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  1. Cat

    Jacki, I just adore cartoon-y nails, although I don't wear them that often myself. Your Rudolphs are so neat and precise, with just the right level of detail to not be too difficult to paint. Thanks for the tutorial (all of them, really!)!

  2. mrsrexy

    Adorable! Thanks for the step by step; if ever I decide to do some freehand Christmas nails, it will be a great tool!

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