The Digit-al Dozen DOES The Terrific Twos, Day 1: Thing 1 and Thing 2

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Good morning, readers! It’s time for another Digit-al Dozen nail art week and this month’s is special. It’s officially our 2 year anniversary mark as a nail art group! This week has a different prompt each day. Today’s prompt is things that come in pairs. I was having a hard time coming up with something I was happy with for a nail art idea, so I consulted with Mr. Adventures In Acetone. My husband has some of my favorite nail art ideas and he didn’t fail me this time! Thing 1 and Thing 2 are one of the most recognizable pairs ever and I just happen to love Dr. Seuss books. Plus, I am always on board for using flocking powder in nail art!

  • My index and pinky nails are a color of flocking powder I made by mixing up three colors that I had. Did you know you could mix to create a new color just like with polish? Check out my picture on Instagram (@adventuresinacetone) to see which colors I used to make this one! The base polish is OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook. Check out my Velvet Nails Tutorial to see more on how to use flocking powder on your nails.
  • For my middle and ring nails, I used two coats of OPI Coca-Cola Red. I used a nail art brush, OPI Angel With A Leadfoot, and OPI Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? for the shirt details. 

Edit: I guess I forgot that not EVERYONE may know who Thing 1 and Thing 2 are, so here is a bonus cell phone picture of my nails with Thing 1 and Thing 2 in The Cat In The Hat book by Dr. Seuss.
What do you think? Have you used flocking powder on your nails before? Thanks so much for reading, come back tomorrow to see the next prompt for The Digit-al Dozen Terrific Twos week!

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  1. Cat

    Jacki, sign up your hubby for more nail art inspiration! He picked a goodie for you! I LOVE that flocking powder.

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