#LLCrisp: Rice Krispies Treats Nails

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Good afternoon, readers! It’s this month’s nail art day with The Lacquer Legion and the prompt is “Crisp.” Instead of doing something seasonally appropriate as the days grow cooler, I’ve made my nails into Rice Krispies Treats…literally.

Here’s how I did it!

  • I started out with two coats of Essie Marshmallow. I had to use the appropriate base color, of course.
  • Next, I applied a coat of OPI Glitter Off and pressed Rice Krispies cereal bits to my nails. I had to break quite a few and apply them in a puzzle sort of way.
  • Once dry, I used my cuticle nippers to cut off the excess on the tips and edges.
  • No top coat as I wanted the cereal to really keep it’s texture.

What do you think? Of course this is a complete joke. I wish I had time to do a proper nail art mani for this month’s Lacquer Legion prompt but life is too crazy. I figured I could join in goofily if I couldn’t do it seriously. Haha, thanks for reading!
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  1. Is

    Omigosh, this is too funny! I saw it and I was like, "what the heck?!" But seriously, I've got to give you props for creativity. Lol! This post reminds me of Scrangie's "New 2014 Trends" for April Fool's Day. You should check that out, it's pretty funny! Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Author

      HAHA thank you. I think I do remember Scrangie's post, but I'm going to go check it out again just to be sure! 😀

  2. Cat

    Jacki, this is a great joke! and Craftynail, you left a great comment! By the way, don't you just love Essie "Marshmallow?" I use mine a lot, even for non-food mani's!!

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