Doctor Who Nail Art: Time For Twelve!

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Good afternoon, readers! Where are my Doctor Who fans? Any newbies? Anyone like me and really loving the new season with Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor? I must confess that I have liked every Doctor, so I’m not surprised at how much I like Capaldi now as well. I think each actor has brought something new to the table. A new title sequence accompanied the start of Capaldi’s season and it is very eye catching! I was inspired from the first episode to do nail art like this, and only just now was able to get the time to do it. From twisting clockwork pieces, spiraling hours of a clock, the TARDIS, and some pretty Galifreyan circles in space, these nails represent the new intro!

 Unfortunately, if you aren’t a Whovian, you probably have no idea what’s on my nails right now. And for that, I don’t apologize. Instead, I urge you to start up your Netflix and start watching one of my favorite shows!!

The design was all freehanded with polish, aside from the index finger. For that, I used individual clockwork pieces from the Bundle Monster BM-415 stamping plate and different metallic colors to create the same illusion of layers of pieces around the outside edge. A matte top coat made for the perfect finish.

What do you think? Thanks so much for reading! And how awesome was this past weekend’s episode?!! 

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  1. Brethil Ebontree

    Looooooooooooooooove! The mani and number twelve. I really like how the Tardis looks like now, with bookshelves and all! And I do like this Doctor, last weekend's episode was indeed awesome!

  2. doctorcrafty

    Fantastic! 😉 I just love this manicure and am a newly devoted Whovian! I haven't seen the new season yet (no BBC America for me boo), but I'm hoping Hulu+ releases it as soon as the season ends! I loved Capaldi in Torchwood and the Fires of Pompeii episode, so I can't wait to see him as the Doctor.

  3. JulieDoesHerNails

    These are cooler than a bowtie, and I think we all know how cool bow ties are! I'm really liking Capaldi so far as well and have been trying to come up with a 12th Doctor manicure since he premiered. I really like your take on the opening credits, it's really spot on!

  4. Elin the Cupcake Cat

    Love this!! Especially the spiral, great job. I like the new Doctor, to tell you the truth I was getting a little tired of Matt Smith and wasn't that sad to see him go, I think Capaldi will do a great job, I've liked him so far. I just finished watching the new episode "Listen" I'm still in shock, great show!!

  5. Aglaya

    Love, love, love the nails! I'm not so sure what to think about the new DW season, though. Of the four episodes none stroke me as really brilliant (none as really bad, either…).

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