The Digit-al Dozen DOES Summer, Day 5: Swimming Pool (Pond Mani!)

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Good afternoon, readers! I have the final design for Summer Week with The Digit-al Dozen to show you! I was really struggling this week to come up with ideas that weren’t so obviously summer. My friend, Casandra from The Manilogues, saved the day and suggested I do a swimming pool but as a “pond mani” with different layers in it for the light reflections. HELLO! Best idea ever! I was so excited, and did exactly that. This was my first time using one of the OPI Sheer Tints in a pond mani, and it worked fairly well. It was just a touch too sheer to show the depth of layers as well as I would have hoped (I guess I could have done two coats for each layer) but the color was perfect.

I’ll admit that my squiggly lines for the “reflections” are too thick and I would do them differently next time. All in all, I still like the effect. I added some of our favorite pool toys as well! 
Are you new to the term pond mani? I didn’t invent the technique, but I’ve done a few tutorials to help you create your own. Basically, you paint on layer of a jelly polish, top it with some kind of simple nail art, and then add another layer of jelly polish, top that with the same simple nail art in a different place on the nail, top that with another jelly polish coat, and so on. Check out my tutorials for more of a visual. 
The jelly I used for the pool water is OPI I Can Teal You Like Me from the Sheer Tints Collection
What do you think? Can you be found at the pool during Summer? Thanks so much for following along this week for my Summer nail art with The Digit-al Dozen! Have a great weekend!
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