The Lacquer Legion, Fandom: The Pandorica Opens

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Good morning!! I am so excited to be participating in this month’s Lacquer Legion nail art prompt! #LLFandom is right up my nail art alley, and of course I had to go with another Doctor Who themed mani! This time, I extended my “exploding TARDIS” design a bit more: I’ve included part of The Pandorica Opens (exploding TARDIS) painting, The Pandorica, and the crack. They all are connected in the part 2 finale of Doctor Who, Season 5 so why not put them all together?

 Here are some reference shots for you, if you are still not watching one of the best shows in the universe…

What do you think? Did you like this finale?  Would you like to join in with The Lacquer Legion? You can go check out The Lacquer Legion on Facebook for some more info. Thanks so much for reading!

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