The Digit-al Dozen DOES Vintage, Day 5: Betty Boop Nail Art!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Of course I felt the need to do some Vday nail art for today’s post, so to tie in the last day of Vintage Week with The Digit-al Dozen, I’ve done some Betty Boop nails!!

Chanel Dragon is such an amazing red creme, perfect formula and I’m only wearing ONE coat! It seemed like the right red for this mani and I love it! I won this in a giveaway from Ashley Is PolishAddicted and am still so happy about it! Thanks, Ashley!

I used three different sized dotting tools to make “V” shapes (which made little hearts!) with white, pink, and black creme polishes. Simple and easy, I’m not sure if I love the hearts that much but I don’t have time to change them now–I’m spending the day with the kids!

What do you think? I think I need a thinner detail brush so those eye lashes would be finer. Anyone have one to recommend? Thanks so much for reading and following along for Vintage Week with The Digit-al Dozen! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Amanda | Glittericity

    Cute! I love Betty Boop! As for a finer brush, I could never find one quite small enough, so I just grabbed a cheap liner brush and then used nail clippers to cut off most of the bristles. It only has about 4 left, haha. But I can make SUCH tiny lines with it. I also broke the handle in half, because I find it easier to control with a shorter handle. That part is optional, of course, but I'd definitely recommend cutting your own brush 🙂

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