Hailey’s Fun Friday: Purple and Glitter Combo!

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Hello, readers, and TGIF! Friday’s are going to bring you something new here on Adventures In Acetone. If you’ve been following for a while, you’ve heard me talk about my daughter, Hailey, who just turned 5 last month. She is a total nail-aholic and loves doing her own nails. I thought it would be special for her and a nice way for us to bond to let her have her own series on AIA. Each friday will be called Hailey’s Fun Friday and will showcase a recent nail look she’s worn. Sometimes it will be something she’s asked me to do on her nails, and other times it will be what she has done to her own nails. (I’ll help with some cleanup)

So that brings us to our first Fun Friday! Recently, Ashley from Ashley Is PolishAddicted sent a few goodies for Hailey in a swap we had and these were the two polishes for her. She was so excited and decided they would look pretty together! (Thanks so much, Ash!)


She did two coats of Sassy Lacquer A Frosty Crocus and one coat of Maya Ruckus, with top coat.

Hailey's hand 2 Hailey's bottles

Sassy Lacquer A Frosty Crocus and Maya Cosmetics Ruckus.
What do you think of Hailey’s first nail look for Hailey’s Fun Friday? Thanks so much for reading!

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– Let’s paint something amazing! –


  1. Casandra W

    There is my favorite Haileybug!!!!!!!! I am so happy you and Haileybug are doing this every Friday, she is so awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE the nails!

  2. Quixii

    Love this!

    My six year old niece is also named Hailey, and one of her first requests whenever she sees me is to paint her nails. Too cute. 🙂

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