Digit-al Dozen DOES Book Week Day 2: Mr. Seahorse!

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Hello, readers! I think this is my favorite Digit-al Dozen art week since I started in December! It’s Book Week and I’ve had too much fun recreating our favorite children’s book art on my nails! Today’s post is in the top 5 most read books out of Hailey’s collection and it was the first one Hailey brought to me when I told her I wanted to do book nail art.

Mr. Seahorse is one of the many gorgeous books by Eric Carle and it is wonderful! It is all about the handful of fish species where the father actually cares for the eggs instead of leaving them on their own.  Mr Seahorse meets each of them along the way in his story while he has his own seahorse eggs growing in his pouch!

The image I recreated is from the last page of the story, where Mr. Seahorse’s babies are swimming out of his pouch.


What do you think of Mr. Seahorse and his adorable babies? I love how these turned out! If you have children, I definitely recommend borrowing this book from the library! Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for Day 3!


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  1. Rach

    This is ADORABLE. I've never read this EC book (apparently it came out a couple of years ago, so LONG after my day), but it seems like it would be perfect with Father's Day coming up. 🙂

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