Digit-al Dozen DOES Animal Week Day 5: Omnom Nails!

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Hello, readers! I have just barely made it in time to post the final day of Animal Week with the Digit-al Dozen. Phew! I decided that Omnom from the popular phone app game Cut The Rope would be cute on my nails. He’s kind of an animal, right? Haha, we can pretend the little candy-loving monster belongs in Animal Week.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, Omnom loves peppermints and you have to cut the rope attached to the candy to get it to his mouth. You are supposed to hit all of the stars along the way as well, so that’s why I’ve included some in the design.


What do you think of this cute little guy? It’s a really fun game so try it out if you get the chance! Thanks so much for tuning into Digit-al Dozen Animal Week this week! Have a great weekend!



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