Digit-al Dozen DOES Geek Day 3: Warehouse 13 Nail Art!

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Hello, readers! Are you ready for day 3 of Geek Week? Today’s tv show inspiration is Warehouse 13! This is the only show that I’m doing nail art on that is actually still on the air. It is a really fun show and another of our favorites, so go try it out!

Basically, Warehouse 13 is a secret government warehouse that contains dangerous “artifacts” from history that cause crazy things to happen. Some examples are Catherine O’Leary’s Cow Bell(causes a violent firestorm to the surrounding area when rung) and the Hatfield-McCoy Rifles(have a strong pull toward eachother and when they get in firing range, they will start open fire without the triggers being pulled). The warehouse agents are sent on missions to collect artifacts to protect the safety of the public.

I chose to do 4 different items from the show on each of my fingers. Index: Farnsworth– the “facetime” type cell phone the agents use to communicate with eachother, Middle: dripping purple neutralizer– this is the solution that the active artifacts need to be dipped in to stop the havoc they are causing, Ring: the 13 in the Warehouse 13 logo, Pinky: Johann Maelzel’s Metronome–one of the more important artifacts in the series (it can bring someone dead back to life, the ticking back and forth keeps the person’s heart beating and alive).

Any Warehouse 13 fans out there? So excited that its back on next month! What do you think of this Digit-al Dozen challenge day? Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for another show!

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  1. Quixii

    Oo, thanks for letting me know it's back on next month! I wasn't sure when it was coming back, and I'm eagerly awaiting it! 🙂

    And I love your nail art for it.

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