Nikki’s Zoya Mani!

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Hello, readers! Remember how I recently moved to a new state and bought our first house? Well, I have the best new neighbor! Her name is Nikki and she is a sweetheart! Nikki has gorgeous long natural nails and I’ve had so much fun painting nails together, checking out promos, and taking trips to Ulta with her! The best part is that she lives right next door! Anyway, I loved her color combo of this mani that she did last week so much that I asked if I could feature it on the blog!

She picked Zoya Jo for her main color and the new Zoya Pixie Dust in Vespa for her accent nails. I just LOVE that the texture is on her accent nails and I think its much more wearable that way for people that don’t want their entire mani textured.

What do you think of the color/texture combo? I really want to try it on my own nails soon! I have a feeling you will be seeing more of Nikki’s nails featured on AIA! Thanks for reading!

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  1. turtlechick12

    WOW I love that combo! That is so exciting that you have an awesome nail neighbor! I am loving the pictures I am seeing of the Pixie Dust polishes.

  2. Angie

    What a lucky girl to have natural nails that look like that! Looks like a born polish blogger!!

    And I agree, lovely combo!

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