Digit-al Dozen DOES Festiveness: Ruldolf Movie Nails!

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Hello readers! I am excited to have 5 straight days of festive nail art for you! I know I am often showing swatches these days and nail art has taken a back burner due to the time it requires(which basically means it will take more of my sleep time since I can’t do it while the kids are awake), so this will be a good thing for everyone! I really miss nail art and can’t wait for you to see all 5 manis!

Today, I’ll be showing my favorite out of the 5 nail art designs. I can’t take the credit, however, because this was all my hubby’s idea! I love asking for his opinions and help and he thought it would be a really fun use for flocking powder to do the Abominable Snowman fuzzy as well as Rudolf’s nose to give it a “glowing” look. Check it out!

The only flocking powder I could find at the craft store had glitter mixed in. So I guess they are a little more festive when they sparkle! 

I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
3 coats of Butter London Sprog
1 coat of Sea Lore Beluga Blizzard for the snowy nails
Abominable Snowman:
Milani White On The Spot
Milani Black Swift
Cult Nails My Kind Of Cool Aid
White flocking powder
OPI Wouldn’t Shoe Like To Know?
OPI Suzy Loves Cowboys
Maya Cosmetics Like A Boss
Milani Rapid Cherry
Milani White On The Spot
Milani Black Swift
Red flocking powder
What do you think? Thanks for reading and check back tomorrow for the next festive nail art!


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  1. LittleMonsterx14

    OMG this is so adorable! what a great idea to make them fuzzy, props to the hubby! how did you manage to JUST get the flocking powder only on the parts you wanted fuzzy? If i tried that I would get it all over my nail haha

  2. Jamie @ Polish, Please!

    I am dying over here. Dying. Rudolph is one of my favorites (even at 28 years old) and you did an AMAZING job with this nail art! The flocking powder is just genius and I am blown away by your skillz! That's right…skillz with a z!

  3. Kimberly

    Super cute! The flocking fuzz was a great idea! I'm so excited to finally see nail art again since it's the reason I started following in the first place. Every time I start seeing SO many indie swatches that I want to bash my head against a wall and I am one more post away from unfollowing, you post something like this and pull me back in.

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