Born Pretty Velvet Manicure Review and Tutorial!

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Hello readers! I have a really fun nail art technique to show you today! It’s called “velvet nails” and is done using flocking powder applied to wet nail polish for a fuzzy nail look. I can’t remember where I read it when this technique started coming out, but someone said it looked like they had “sweater nails” and I totally agree! It’s such an odd feeling when I run my fingers over my nails, but I kind of like it! Hailey(4 years old) was watching me do my nails and begged me to please do it to her nails, too. I think I’ll do hers today!

Born Pretty Store sent me this kit to try out, and it makes it so easy to have it all in one kit!

I’m going to show you how I did it!

Supplies included in the kit: base color, polish, flocking powder, tweezers, clean up brush.
Step 1: Apply base coat to all nails and let dry.
How pretty are these bottles?! (Ignore my orange stained nails! ugh)

Step 2: Apply one coat of color and let dry.
Look at the coverage of ONE coat of this creme polish. I’m impressed!

Step 3: One nail at a time: Apply second coat of color. Make sure it is a good thickness so the flocking has time to stick before it dries. While still wet, use tweezers to cover nail with a pile of flocking powder over your surface paper. Don’t be afraid to use a ton, you will be able to save the excess. Make sure you cover the entire nail!

Step 4: Using your finger, gently pat down the pile of flocking all over the nail surface so it adheres better to the wet polish.
Step 5: Using brush, gently sweep away excess flocking from the skin around the nail as well as the nail surface. Make sure you are gentle when sweeping over the nail itself. It takes 10-15 minutes for it to completely dry(just an estimate) so you don’t want to “drag” any of the polish off if you are too rough.

Step 6: Repeat on the rest of your nails. No top coat! This means you need to be careful for the next 10-20 minutes to ensure that it’s completely dry. 
Step 7: Roll up your paper surface into a “funnel” and pour the excess flocking back into the container to use next time! 
Ta-Da! I can’t believe how neat this is and I’m really liking it! I’ve had it on for 12 hours so far and it still looks great!
Before you ask, YES you can wash your hands! They look a little odd for a minute while the flocking dries but they they are just as fluffy! I’d try to avoid getting cuticle oil and lotion on the nail surface, though. I put on my lotion before bed like always and they were a little less fuzzy this morning until I washed my hands again. They are back to normal now, though!
Tell me what you think of this technique! You can find all of the Born Pretty Store flocking velvet nail sets among other nail art supplies HERE. There are a TON of different colors!
Will you be ordering any or other things from The Born Pretty Store? If so, please use my 10% off code with your order: JACJ61. Don’t forget that Born Pretty ships free worldwide!

Thanks for reading!
*These products were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. Kas

    I love how this looks! And I'm glad you can wash your hands. That was something I wondered about.

  2. JinJit

    I am so going to try this! It looks so cute, like a little fluffy kitten or chic LOLOL
    When you do Hailey's – make sure you show us pics!!!

  3. Trinka

    This is so pretty πŸ™‚ When I read you had it on for 12 hours I was thinking… I could never go that long without washing my hands!! Then(picture)another(picture)… "Before you ask, YES you can wash your hands!" A HA! (sigh of relief) Good info πŸ˜‰

    1. Jacki

      LOL! Glad I could help! I'm constantly changing baby diapers, doing the kids baths, etc. So I can't go an hour or 2 without washing mine!

  4. NailNarcotics

    I've considered trying this but I don't think I could keep it on. I'm too much of a picker!
    I really love how they turned out on you though

    1. Jacki

      Thanks! It's an odd feeling (and i tend to pick off glitter that sticks up) but I haven't had the urge with this.

  5. Amanda | Glittericity

    That is so cute! I've always liked the look of this technique but everyone says the flocking doesn't stay on, etc etc. Your experience seems really good though! Maybe they didn't use enough, or let it dry long enough, or they used a base colour polish that didn't hold it well, who knows. Your experience makes me want to buy this set right away. So, BPS thanks you for your great advertising πŸ˜‰

  6. Jamie @ Polish, Please!

    I've seen this before and I wasn't sold, but I think you just changed my mind! I'm surprised at the quality of the base color! I think I'm putting this on my "to buy" list!! Great review and photos!

  7. beachgal

    Nice photos – did not know anyone had made a kit for 'fur' nails…I am tempted to say 'sweet' but that might be kind of corny since the company names this that! I was not taken by the fur nail look – but now this late fall I kind of think I want to try it. I probably will not get a Born Pretty kit unless I am putting in an order already for other things there – I think I will pick some up at the craft store to try first – I do like the shades you got here. I have only seen 'fur' in brights and kind of hope I can find some that are not brights but not just b&w either. Not sure what I am looking for – funny to think of it on a pedi! Not sure I want to try that (yet).

    1. Jacki

      Thanks! I also want to pick up some more colored flocking powder, maybe I'll try the craft store so I don't have to wait as long. I want to do them in the fall and winter because they make me think of sweaters! Funny idea for the toes, maybe I'll have to try it! haha.

  8. sandipalien

    This looks sooo darn cute! My friends bought me some flocking powder for my birthday and it's been on my table, waiting to get time to try it. I really want to try doing patterns with the flocking powder! Do I need a brush to brush away the excess or could I just shake it off??

  9. Elizabeth

    Great review, Jacki–the pictures really help make the process clear, and your nails look adorable! Love the colour and love that you get the matching base with it as well (that really is some awesome coverage from a single coat!).

    I'm really impressed to hear it's holding up after at least half a day and repeated hand-washings too!

  10. vegetard

    I'm trying to order some of these but I'm not having any luck with your promo code. I enter it when prompted and press continue and the next confirmation page doesn't show any discount. Do you have any idea if there's something I should be doing differently?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Jacki

      HI! I emailed Born Pretty about this and was informed that the sets are currently on sale and therefore no discount codes will work to take off extra. Sorry for the confusion!

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