Nfu-Oh JS29 Double Decker Jelly Sandwich!

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Good morning readers! I have a quick post to share with you today. I recently bought my first Nfu-Oh Jelly Syrup polishes and couldn’t wait to try them out! This is the first one I’ve tried so far, JS29. It’s supposed to be a “blurple” but honestly, it just looks blue to me when it’s on. On white paper for a quick swatch it looked a bit “indigo” but not really on.

I tried a bunch of glitters on paper before I picked OPI Last Friday Night to sandwich in between the jelly layers. This is the first “double decker” jelly sandwich I’ve done and I think it looks like it could be a jelly polish with the glitters mixed in instead of different polishes layered together.

The JS29 was a slow dryer so I made sure to wait between layers and use a quick dry top coat on top so I didn’t smudge it later on.

I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
2 coats of Nfu-Oh JS29
1 coat of OPI Last Friday Night
1 coat of Nfu-Oh JS29
1 coat of OPI Last Friday Night
1 coat of Nfu-Oh JS29
1 coat of NYC Grand Central Station quick dry top coat
What do you think of this layering combo? I usually prefer chunkier glitters in my jelly sandwiches so this was kind of boring to me when I wasn’t looking at it up close. I loved the Nfu-Oh, though, even though the color wasn’t what I was expecting and it took a bit longer to dry than I’m used to. Thanks for reading! 

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