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Good morning, readers! I have some fun manicures to share with you today! I’ve paired up with Milani for a Fashion Nail Trend Project and had to create 4 manis inspired by these trends! Milani made pinterest boards for each trend so go check them out and see what the other bloggers came up with that participated as well!

The trends are Color Block, Haute Rod, Glamazon, and Gilded Rebel. You can see the 4 with Milani’s instructions on their website here:

First up is my favorite of the 4 looks I recreated, Gilded Rebel:

I loved these nails SO MUCH, I wore it as a full mani for as many days as I could before it was all chipped. I have a feeling I’ll do them again as well. I’ve never had a glitter gradient from the cuticle down to the tip and love it so much more than I expected!
I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
2 coats of Milani Fresh Teal NEON
Dabbed Milani Silver Dazzle One Coat Glitter at the cuticles with a torn makeup sponge
Dabbed Milani Teal Jewel FX Glitter in the middle gradiented toward the tips with a torn sponge
1 coat of NYC Grand Central Station
Next, I’ll show you my version of Color Block:
I wanted to be different and do triangle blocks instead of squares. I really liked this one as well! 
I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
Base colors of Milani Jiffy Orange and Milani Fresh Teal NEON(2 coats of each)
Milani White On The Spot and a striping brush for the first “blocks”
Milani Jiffy Orange and Fresh Teal Neon with the striping brush to fill in the 2nd “blocks”
Top coat of NYC Grand Central Station 
Up next is Haute Rod:
I wasn’t exactly sure if the dripping tips or the red flames were the main point of Haute Rod in the Milani Art Gallery so I just tried it with a different base color. The drips were a bit difficult to achieve but it is a neat look! And This One Coat Glitter is amazing! I did two coats to fill in some spots but it is definitely packed!
I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
2 coats of Milani Silver Dazzle One Coat Glitter
Milani Black Swift drip tips
NYC Grand Central Station top coat
Lastly, here is my Glamazon look:
I basically took is as glitter gradient tips so that’s what I did. Very Christmasy look to me.
I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
1 coat of Milani Rapid Cherry
1 coat of Milani Red Sparkle
Dabbed on Milani Gold Jewel FX on the tips
NYC Grand Central Station top coat
What do you think of my looks? Do you have a favorite? I really enjoyed making these because I had to try new nail art ideas and I think i’ll be doing a few of them again as well! Thanks for reading!

*These polishes were sent to me from PR to use in my manicures.

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